Ham Sandwich RPG


The only RPG starring a sandwich


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Ham Sandwich RPG is a role-play platformer starring a ham sandwich who goes on an adventure to find condiments and make himself more delicious. Sadly, due to disputes with the king, he is sent straight to the dungeons, which he'll have to escape from.

The gameplay is very similar to that of your average platformer, since you'll be jumping from place to place most of the time and dodging traps. But soon after you start playing you'll also find a sword that lets you kill enemies ... and in turn to level up and get more life points.

In addition to the game being fun because of its playability, one of its most appealing elements is its sense of humor. It's not for no reason that they put you in the shoes of a ham sandwich to face this series of complicated challenges.

Ham Sandwich RPG is a very peculiar game with a different approach but a gameplay that's easy to catch onto and fun from the beginning. The best part? It's free and quite short.
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